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Black Lung Blues: 4-part Tournament Scenario Rules

Apr 01 2018 Tags: Fiction, Scenarios, Tournaments

Hello from The Wilds! Below are free rules for running a 4-part tournament using Wreck Age 2nd Edition. This tournament structure is ideal for new players trying out the game, and encourages building diverse, well balanced crews. Black Lung Blues 100 RU Tournament The Wreck Age: Black Lung Blues tournament is a four game tournament that involves picking 1-5 100 RUs (Resource Unit) crew lists created from the Wreck Age 2nd Edition box core rule-book. Not all encounters will be combat oriented, and varied lists will have a better chance of victory. This is an attrition-style tournament, in which the losers may...

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Rat Patrol Scenario

Jan 30 2018 Tags: Blog, Capybara, Scenarios, Video

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of video demos of Wreck-Age game scenarios. Today's scenario is: Rat Patrol -- a short encounter using two 100 RU crews as they attempt to wrangle a herd of capybara.

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