Notes from Gallo

Boar Enchiladas

Feb 13 2018 0 Comments Tags: Fiction, Shangri-LA

Gallo’s Boar Chili Verde Enchiladas Ingredients 1 mug of broth (chicken preferred, boar or tube-beef broth can be used in place of chicken) 2 large chilies (green), blackened and chopped 2 onions (white or yellow), chopped 2 tomatillos (found in El Monterino, ask for Chuy at the El Monterino Spice Shack), chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1 handful of cilantro (go to Chuy, he knows his shit), chopped 1 small lime, juiced 12 small tortillas (ghost corn preferred, kelp can be used instead but not recommended) 1 bag of white cheese (the less feet smell the better) 3 tomatoes, chopped...

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