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Flare Fight by John Gordon

Hello everyone! John, author of our Shangri LA supplement, was inspired by our Kickstarter and wrote this short piece set in the Wreck age universe. I really enjoyed it and hope you do as well! 

Leenard ducked down in his seat as the car received a fresh spray of small arms fire despite Rani’s best attempts to drive evasively. The bullets’ impacts reminded Leenard of the pneumatic blasts his bolt gun would make when he was putting down cattle back on his family’s ranch, only in a much more rapid, teeth clenching succession. He could almost smell the cow shit from his boyhood and the blood. Slaughtering made a lot of people go weak kneed, but not Leenard. Even as a boy he had a stomach for the grisliest aspects of skinning and butchering an animal, and that fortitude carried him far in his current line of work. Leenard pushed away thoughts of his old life before he actually got homesick and instead focused on the firefight erupting around him.

The salvaged Big Push-era ground car Leenard was traveling in had recently received an overhaul with plates of steel grafted to the exterior while ballistic fiber was placed along the interior sections of the car’s frame to absorb incoming bullets. The trunk’s modified rear storage compartment extended into the rear passenger area, completely overtaking the right portion of rear passenger section and allowing only three riders in the vehicle.  A gunner’s cupola with a mounted light machinegun ‘borrowed’ from an ARHK patrol was also placed on the roof and completely sealed, preventing projectiles from injuring the gunner.  Li Wei was the crew’s gunner, a small-statured man and a mescaline addict who Leeward could see had pissed his pants. Whether in excitement or fear, Leeward wasn’t certain but he scrunched over as far away from Li Wei’s soaked scavs as he could get in the cramped sedan.  All the while Li Wei unleashed a torrent of automatic fire at their pursers—Drifters who Leeward and the rest of Rani’s crew had recently ambushed.

This raid against a Drifter tribe known as Handova’s Horde had officially gone side-ways despite starting so well. The large tribe had a fierce reputation, but also produced some exquisitely-sized human specimens.  Numerous hunting teams under the thrall of a Stitcher whom Rani and her crew served, had descended upon the Horde to grab some of the biggest and choicest members of the tribe. Rani’s patron was an artist with flesh, and liked to create weapons out of muscle and sinew. The Horde specimens would make wonderful canvases upon which Rani’s patron could work, but only if the bodies were delivered intact.

Leenard, Rani and Le Wei were one of the teams that descended upon the Horde’s camp, which was spread over multiple kilometers of grassland along the Too Son trail. Leeward and company bagged an impressive number of the luddites carrying off three of the bastards alive, and dragging two more back for parts. Leeward was certain the other teams had done just as well but when they had finished bundling and storing their cargo in the sedan’s refrigerated trunk it became clear that Leeward’s team was the exception and not the rule.

The hunting teams communicated over short-wave CB radio patched in to their vehicles. Leenard was the first in to the car, and began receiving reports of retreat from all but two other teams. As teams made contact Leenard pieced together the events of the last half hour. Handova’s Horde outright killed one team, and brutalized three others, the survivors of which were hauling ass to one of the fall back points near the Picacho Ruins.

Rani had the car running at top speed in moments, and soon the crew was tearing along the remnants of I-10 on their way to Picacho Ruins. Less than a quarter hour from their destination Rani spotted one of the other hunting teams being chased by a compliment of Horde bikers. Li Wei hollered an incoherent battle cry as Rani closed distance with the bikers.

Li Wei’s contribution to the chase erupted in a steady staccato of heavy fire which echoed throughout the car’s confined interior. Leenard watched through the slits in the armored windshield as Li Wei’s rounds tore up the road in a line which eventually intersected with the rear-most Horde rider. Rounds impacted along the bike’s rear fender, sparking as they tore through the thin aluminum before stitching along the back of the rider. Small eruptions of blood and tissue briefly obscured the rider’s ungainly collapse which caused both rider and bike to tumble and cartwheel across the highway.  Rani, swerved out of the bike’s path as the majority of the rider was thrown in the opposite direction off the road and out of Leenard’s view.

In impressive coordination two of the four remaining Horde bikers fell back from the lead car, their tires squealing as they braked hard before turning with the momentum of their bikes and looping around and to the side of the sedan. Le Wei tried shooting at one of the bikers, but their erratic maneuver and the speed Rani was traveling made his shot miss wide. Leenard, sitting behind Rani, saw the left-most biker turn and spray a submachine gun at the driver’s compartment. Sparks rattled off the car as the welded plates held and stopped the small caliber rounds. This all brought Leenard back to the farm, and then up against Li Wei’s pissy pants.  

Reaching for his own weapon, an heirloom revolver stolen from his mother, Leenard slid back one of the firing slits near where a window once belonged and discharged all six chambers towards the biker. Unexpectedly one of the rounds found its mark and caught the rider in the right elbow. The round shattered bone and exited down the forearm, leaving the limb a ruined dangling piece of meat. The rider dropped his gun in order to maintain control of his bike, which somehow stayed upright and on the road. Rani swerved the sedan into the wounded biker, clipping the motorcycle along the right tailpipe. The force of the impact sent the bike careening across the front of the car, throwing the rider over the hood as the bike smashed along the front grill and bumper before being crushed under the weight of the four-wheeled vehicle. The bike’s structure unfortunately smashed against the left front wheel, shredding the tire and snapping the control arm sending the car lurching violently to one side.

Rani fought to keep the vehicle upright while the sedan violently barreled off the highway and onto the shoulder’s rocky expanse, before zigzagging roughly over the broken terrain of the wastes. Leenard was amazed they hadn’t rolled; though Li Wei had been knocked unconscious by the violent thrashing he took standing in the cupola. His harness was the only thing that kept him from being a soggy crumpled mess on Leenard’s lap. Leenard had some bruising but was otherwise okay. Rani, though, had her radius bone sticking out cleanly from her skin.

“Get him down and get on that gun,” Rani’s order was seething with pain. She was reaching for the first aid kit in the glove box while Leenard went to work releasing Li Wei from his harness. Leenard wasn’t too careful about how he deposited Li Wei who collapsed into the backseat with barely a grunt.

Leenard strapped the harness over his torso before peering out the vision slit. In the distance Leenard could just barely see the lead hunter’s car as it flew down I-10 still pursued by two Horde bikers. He squeezed the machine gun’s trigger, sending rounds after the bikers in frustration though none hit. It was then that his cupola was hit with something to the right that shattered like glass against the armored blister. A thick liquid quickly washed over his view slit the color of really dark urine.  Leenard quickly spun the turret to his right and there he saw the last Horde biker unmoving a mere dozen meters away. His bike was idling between his legs, and he stood with an ugly smirk on his face leveling a crossbow that looked cobbled together from scrap metal and animal parts. The bolt on that crossbow caused Leenard’s sphincter to clench tipped as it was with a lit road flare.

Time slowed as Leenard saw the bolt release. He screamed and depressed the trigger of the machine gun whiles the cupola, and in short order the car, were engulfed in flame. 

-John Gordon

Wreck Age January 2017


Over the last year we have had a lot of great feedback and enthusiasm regarding our vehicles beta rules (which you can snag for free on our site and on DTRPG). The vehicle rules are just as frenetic and deadly as what you have come to expect from the world of Wreck Age, with the chance for a few more explosions.


Since progress has been made with the vehicles beta we are excited to announce that we are bolstering our miniature line with several resin vehicles! We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign March 17th to help launch the lineup. Keep an eye out for the campaign as your pledges will help us to determine where to focus our efforts… and get any play test feedback in on vehicles while you can! We at Hyacinth appreciated the ongoing support and we couldn’t keep releasing content without our great community. 


Right now Anton is working with artists and sculptors in preparation for the campaign and they are really churning stuff out. We will be releasing more and more in the coming weeks through our official Facebook community and Twitter (@Wreckagerpg) so follow us there if you can’t wait for these blog updates for updates. 

We also have plenty of other minis in the pipeline, most notably filling out the ARKH. Having a more militarized faction was a bit difficult to balance, but since the ARKH are only meant to seize land for the return of their corporate overlords their numbers are quite small. Imagine them as the skeleton crew that works the overnight shift that is the collapse of civilization.

The ARHK are a imperialistic force who utilize the remnants of dirty tech from the old world to grab as much land and power as possible, to feed their war machine. They operate mainly in small squads or platoons, and their expeditionary forces traverse the globe, looking for caches of resources and technology.


Aaron has been nailing some ARKH troopers who will be filling out most of your squads. ARKH play style is all about dependability- reliable weapons, training to fall back on and specific goals make thwm maybe one of the most ordered forces we have placed on the battleground. Not exactly my play style, but I always dread facing them, so take that as a stamp of approval from me. 


And yes, they have heavy troopers. Imagine these guys against the light and medium armor that is customary in the wastes. I imagine flattening quite a few pipe rifle rounds against that chassis. Thankfully they are incredibly rare and only brought out for the most dire conflicts or the ARKH would dominate the continent in short order.

Well that is the last month for us! I hope you can see why we have been a bit quiet, we have a lot in the pipeline right now. Please share the new of our upcoming Kickstarter with your friends if you can!



Wreck Age December 2016

Happy Holidays from Hyacinth Games!

It’s been another busy month here as we put the finishing touches on a few products in preparation for the new year.

New Products-

Fung Headhunter: The Fung are agents of the Shangri LA Council, doing it's bidding throughout the western half of the Merikan continent. Fung Headhunters are silent, brutal combatants, who aim to get in close and incapacitate a foe before they even know what hit them. 

Fung Headhunter

Rhea the Stitcher Ancient:  Rhea has been alive since well before the Exodus, being a ranking doctor by the time the ships took off. After the crash that stranded the medical staff that morphed over time into the Stitchers, Rhea had bigger plans than most: to own their own city.

 Very little else is known about Rhea, other than the terrifying visage of them has caused more than one opponent to go into catatonic shock. Leading from the shadows, Rhea has a host of some sort of clone, that they use to keep their opponents guessing. Each one, as fearsome as the next


Daph the Child Augment:  The subject of bio-engineering, Daph is a child who is wielded as a weapon by the Shangri La Council, and more specifically, by Rhea herself. Daph has the ability to sneak around the battlefield, unnoticed, and her augments help her strike with deadly accuracy. 


TrinketsTrinkets are found throughout the wastes and Wilds of the world of Wreck Age. Some traders specialize in these small and seemingly trivial bits of junk, while others simply discard these items to the way-side, in favor of items that have more obvious value. In a world with scattered resources, trinkets can be a means for survival and potentially even a way to wealth and fortune, depending on luck and circumstance (and who you are trading with).  


The 8 page Wreck Age Trinket list gives you everything that you need to include new and exciting trinkets in your post-apocalypse adventures. This document includes 6 lists in total for a sum of 216 different trinkets. Lists include: Technology, Lifestyle Trinkets, Trade Goods, and more!

Adepticon 2017 Reckless Wastes Event:  This swath of route six dee six used to be a bustling caravan path, until the Drifters of the southern wilds moved in and shut down all traffic coming through. Players will engage in battles using whatever vehicles and weapons they can bring to bear. There will be non-combat goals as well as a multitude of secret objectives. 

Bring a 300 RU painted crew, as well as 150 RUs in vehicles

Speaking of vehicles, here is a WIP teaser from Carlos of a battlesuit. These bad boys will be incredibly rare and powerful as you can imagine:


John has been busy fleshing out Shangri LA more and more, here is a short piece written from the perspective of Gallo, the narrator of the Shangri-LA sourcebook:

Hey kids, Gallo here. I often get asked about my peripatetic lifestyle, and that inevitably leads to general questions about the caravaneer life and eventually my crew. See, we Shangrilese are a superstitious and scared bunch, who rarely leave the safety of Shangri LA’s walled-off domain. So, freaks like me who willingly venture out of the Bone Yard and into the desolate wastes are viewed as oddities for sure, but heroic oddities who bring back illicit goods, and even more importantly, illicit information about the outside world. 

That’s the rub, the Shangrilese are on lock down in terms of information about the world beyond our borders due to the policies of the Council. We are spoon fed exaggerations of how bad the wastes are through the Information Authority and told that monsters inhabit the wilds along with cannibals, plague victims and radioactive horrors. Well, the only monsters I’ve seen are the ones that the Council cooks up for use against its enemies, and while cannibals and disease are a threat “out there”, the way the IA paints the picture it is a veritable wasteland of super-strength rad mutants and gigantic predators eager to rip a human limb from limb.

I’ve been working the road for decades now, and I can assure you most of that shit is nonexistent—merely the results of IA spin doctors trying to outdo one another in the propaganda game. What is out there is scary enough, but I’ll bet my last kelpie that if you hit the road you won’t end up running screaming from 10-foot tall green-skinned men, or scorpions the size of jet-skis.  What will kill you out there is the heat, lack of water, lack of food, and of course, whatever miscreants happen to be scratching out a living preying on others. You know, the same shit that will kill you just about anywhere in Merika.

So, with that out of the way, let’s talk a moment about caravanning. It is crap work. The road is both boring and terror inducing all at once. The long kilometers seem to stretch endlessly between settlements, and all the while you are counting your paces you are also scanning the horizon for lens flares, or other signs of trouble. You can’t really ever relax on the road, even when your mind is bored from the monotonous clanking of your carts and your body is coated in a layer of dusty sweat from klicks of constant walking. The road likes to play tricks on you. It lulls you into complacency and then, when you are at your most vulnerable, it hits you blindsided with a challenge on your life.  Now, imagine that sort of mind fuck dragging on for weeks at a time and you have a good indication of caravanning. It’s constant hoping that things don’t get screwed up. Hoping that the next settlement on your map is still there and hasn’t been razed by Drifters or Church of Fun lunatics. You keep pushing on and you keep hoping.  Hoping that the next stop will have some good trading, or at least some clean food and water.  Or maybe hoping to sleep in an actual bed. It’s all about hope and mitigating disappointment through contingency plans and firefights.

So who would want this shit job? Well, for starters people who don’t fancy living in floating cages being told what they can and can’t do by nameless, faceless bureaucrats living atop Big Bear mountain. Then sprinkle in your sociopaths, hunted outlaws, druggies, and general scum of the earth, and you find yourself with a pretty average caravan crew.

But it is the real travelers that make it in this life style. It’s the ones chasing freedom who can tolerate everything the road throws at them. One of my crew fits that description to a T, and has been running the road with me since day one purely for the independence it affords her.

Elza Quinones is a former slave who earned her freedom through some suspicious circumstances and has practically been on the road ever since. See, Shangri-LA has a policy in place where in order to earn citizenship residents must serve time in the militia. This requirement can be extended to slaves who can be forced to serve in place of their masters. It’s a great deal for the lazy slave owners -- they don’t have to risk their own hides serving out on The Wall and get citizenship a few years later if their property survived the process. It is pretty shit work for the slaves, though, but what work assigned to a slave isn’t?  [GJ1] Elza volunteered to serve in place of her owner’s daughter and willingly accepted her place in the militia. It seems an odd choice, but knowing Elza’s past it sorta makes sense.

Elza began life in a Staker community near Too Son. Up to her 16th winter she was a damn fine Outrider for her people, but that was cut short when she was plucked up by a Shangrilese slaver caravan passing through the area. For two winters she was enslaved to a wealthy family on the Palmdale coast and restricted to working the land around their orchard. The stationary lifestyle of a farming slave did not suit Elza’s wanderlust and so when the eldest daughter of the Quinones family became eligible for Civil Service in the militia, Elza offered to take her master’s daughter’s place.

I am not surprised that Elza took to the militia life. Being a former Outrider she possessed many of the skills that militia alum officers cream themselves over in a recruit. It wasn’t long before she was back to scouting trails, only now on Shangri-LA’s northern border near Lake Is Bella. This was before ARHK had encroached south from their island fortress near San Francisco, so Elza spent her days taking pot shots at Is Bella renegades, and Drifter tribes that got too big for their britches. During this time she became friendly with another alum member by the name of Emil Zherdev. Never heard of him? That is probably a good thing. The Zherdev family are legacies in the Fung, and Emil was an up-and-comer who had to earn his citizenship before being “made” by the Fung. From what she has told me, Elza saved Emil’s life on more than one occasion, and he promised to spring her from slavery as soon as he could.

Upon surviving her 5-year tour, Elza returned to the Quinones orchard, and from what she has shared, it was even worse than her initial enslavement. The time in the militia had awoken her spirit and created a yearning to return to her birth family’s settlement, but she was trapped in Palmdale, harvesting grapes for the Quinones wine brand.

Another winter passed and with it, came a change in Elza’s fortune. Emil Zherdev had also completed his Civil Service and in the intervening year had become a full member of the Fung. Utilizing contacts he had in the organization, and no doubt incurring a few debts in the process, Emil liberated Elza from the Quinones family with an offer to join the Fung as an asset, not a full member, but an ally under the patronage of Zherdev. Elza agreed immediately and left the Quinones farm under the armed protection of Emil Zherdev and his Fung associates.

It was that decision that would ultimately lead Elza and my paths to cross. Around the same time I was also an asset of the Fung—just serving in a different capacity. Elza and I eventually were thrown together on an operation for the Fung, and well, shit went sideways and Elza pulled my ass out of the proverbial fire. I still don’t know why she did that, but I knew from that moment that I could actually trust someone in the Fung who wasn’t interested in me for my size or how well I could crush a man’s skull.

It wasn’t long before Elza was requesting me as a bodyguard when she went on operations for the Fung, and the two of us earned a reputation for getting some pretty hairy assignments done. Eventually, we were tasked with harvesting operations and given control of one of the Fung’s established caravans. Blink a few times and twenty winters pass and Elza and I have traveled from here to the Switch on Fung business. We’ve been all over what remains of Merika, well, no, I am lying. We have seen about half of it from what I reckon, but that is still more than most Shangrilese, so fuck it. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve done a lot, and while I don’t think Elza has the same stomach for violence and cruelty that I do, I know she will do a lot in the name of keeping the sky overhead and staying out of the confines of a pen.

Elza loves the open fields so much that when Emil conjured up a legitimate citizenship for her, along with a home in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, she rarely visits her property. I think I’ve spent more time in that place getting high and rowdy with my caravan crew than she ever has. For Elza true happiness seems to come only when she is on the road.

Hope you all have great plans for the next few days and we are all looking forward to 2017! 




Vehicles Kickstarter

Wreck-Age Vehicle Kickstarter Coming Soon (press release for immediate distribution)


Chicago, IL – Hyacinth Games, the makers of the post-apocalyptic game Wreck-Age – are very pleased to announce their latest Kickstarter project. In mid-March, the team will launch a campaign to raise funds to bring a range of post-apocalyptic vehicles in 1/43rd scale (perfectly scaled for 28-32mm miniatures) to market.


Included in the upcoming range are two cars, one pick-up truck, two motorbikes, and an ATV. There will also be optional extras to create unique vehicles, and faction specific add-ons. Hyacinth Games has a number of great pledge levels planned, including a $75 pledge that nets you three vehicles of your choice and access to add-ons and stretch goals. This 30-day campaign will launch on Friday, March 17th, and the team has some nifty stretch goals planned.


Hyacinth Games will be at AdeptiCon (Schaumburg, IL) on March 23-26 running loads of demo games and showing off the great vehicle designs they have for the campaign and answering any questions you may have. To keep up with the campaign on social media, via their official business page and the official Wreck-Age group page:


Wreck-Age is both a skirmish-level tabletop miniatures game and RPG set in post-apocalyptic Earth, some 500 years in the future. Many factions fight over scarce resources in a desperate struggle to survive. For more details on the game, the setting, and the miniatures range head to www.wreck-age.net

Wreck Age October 2016

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the new blog! We try and keep busy here at Hyacinth but it can be difficult to keep up with our myriad of social media platforms. 

October 2016 has almost come and gone, and there were a few notable events and some traction in our projects that are in the pipeline. I attended a few events here in the Midwest including Valor Con here in Chicago (https://www.facebook.com/valorconchicago/) and NEWGame (http://newgameapalooza.com/) in Oshkosh Wisconsin. The world also passed the 400PPM threshold so Wreck Age is coming true and we are all going to die horribly. 

Doing a local event like Valor Con is always great because you meet local gamers and can contribute to your local scene by participating. Taking the Blue line in was certainly convenient as well as the event was located on the 9th floor of the Macy's downtown. Our table was situated by the Giga-Robo (http://gigarobo.com/) guys who are another local outfit you may have seen on Kickstarter. You should check them out if you like throwing giant robots into buildings. They made a fun game and hanging out with them before and after the con was a just delightful. Hopefully Valor Con continues for years to come and we can meet other local indie gamers like them. Thanks to Josh Lopatin and Tim Mayse-Illig for helping out Anton and I. 


NEWGame was a bit more of a trek and I must admit more of a social outing for me, as I only ran demos on Saturday. I primarily headed up north to see my friends Adam and Sam who live up there and the gaming was secondary, but the con was pretty cool! Oshkosh really does have a great gaming scene and I have to admit I am a bit jealous of the amount of game stores they have in the area. Also cheese curds. Before getting in some very quality demos on Saturday Adam and Sam took me to the Reptile Palace which very much reminds me of Chicago's Empty Bottle. We may have ended up there Saturday night as well. 

Reptile House

Yeah, I am wearing the same shirt. I like Bad Brains quite a bit. Adam is on the left- you may know him from his great Youtube Channel Tabletop Minions (https://tabletopminions.org/). Sam is the right side of the sandwich, he is a very talented freelance painter who has done stuff for Wreck Age in the past (http://samsonminis.blogspot.com/).

In productivity news the Hyacinth crew has been chugging along at a good pace. John is putting the finishing touches on some Shangri LA rules, I have been play testing Uprisen and fixing all of my tense errors and Anton is rounding third on the Switch City supplement. We as always have a bit of an art and play testing bottleneck, so if you think you would like to jump in just shoot an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put you to work! Anton has been showing me some great stuff from the concept artists we have working, hopefully I can share some of that with you soon. 

We had a few interviews and internet coverage as well- Dawn and Gianna met with us for the Beasts of War Weekender (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mASuV4GHQl4) and the aforementioned Tabletop Minions showcased some painted Stakers (https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=cwGu7sXhRR4&feature=live-chat-promo). Would you like to review one of our products? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FB IMG 1472345911367

Upcoming Events! We will be running demos Sunday November 6th at Greenfire Games (http://greenfiregames.net/) in Oak Lawn, IL. This is a new shop that is really psyched to have us and a few other locals. You can find out more at- https://www.meetup.com/chicagogames/events/234996668/

We will also be running demos as well as doing a paint and take at the Impossible Industries Fall Games Day (https://www.facebook.com/Impossibleindustries/) on Saturday November 12th. This is my FGLS and is near and dear to my heart, so I hope this event fires off like the last few have- https://www.meetup.com/chicagogames/events/233565850/

New product! We have also repackaged many of the Drifter blisters into the Vanguard box set:


I hope we get a game in soon. 


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