Shangri-LA is a Wreck Age source book which will give you plethora of details and background on the fabled floating city that lays isolated on the Washed Coast of the Merikan continent.

The city state of Shangri-LA is a coalition of many water-borne communities in Malibu Bay and the surrounding areas, from the lawless Sandy Echo, to the social and economic heart of Shangri-LA: the Sphere. Shangri-LA's borders span many countless kilometers, and is defended by a volunteer citizen militia. Outsiders are met with disdain and contempt, and all but the most resourceful and renown traders must do business at the far-flung trade post of the Boneyard, laying deep in the Mojave desert, and connected to the city by a high speed rail line.


This book is not a single adventure, but instead provides a basic framework as well as tools and suggestions needed to take that plot line anywhere you want it to go. Options abound on every page and while there is a framework to keep your campaign focused there are also plenty of side roads available for when your imaginations wander off the grid and out into the Mo', or wherever you desire.!/Shangri-La-Post-collapse-Los-Angeles-setting-guide-softcover/p/68874038/category=0

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