Stakers are the common folk of Year Zero, hardy survivors who are only a few generations removed from the hunting and scavenging that was forced upon their ancestors. Although they never disappeared entirely, communities are emerging across the continent, their members looking to start a peaceful life for their children. In lieu of their hopes for peace and safety, they know too well the hardships of the world.


For this they are called Stakers, a derogatory term coined by some forgotten Hy Plains Drifter tribe, a curse for those who had begun to rebuild. For all the Drifter's strength, numbers, and mobility, they do not have the resources or mindset to lay siege to a fortified community. They may scare those inside, but Drifters are scavengers, taking from the weak what they need to survive, and many tribes have starved outside of Stakers' walls.



Outside of each community's walls, Stakers hold no allegiance to each other, as there is no formal organization. Every community is on its own, although there is often peace and trade between the city states. Despite all the outside threats, fighting between settlements is common when precious resources, such as a fresh water supply, is at stake.


While most in Wreck Age are primarily scavengers, Stakers are interested in creating something. They work together, concerned primarily about the strength of their community, as this is their safety. They may have become excellent farmers, miners, or tradespeople, and are adept at finding a purpose for almost anything. It is with this mindset that humanity begins to rebuild itself, almost utopian if there weren't so many things in the world trying to kill them. 

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