The ultimate garbage pickers; Reclaimers attempt to reverse engineer the technology left behind since the Exodus. Technology is the cornerstone of their way of life and beliefs. For example, Reclaimer’s weapons will have a higher damage output but are less reliable, and prone to blowing up in the users face. Whereas a crossbow will probably give you similar results day-in and day-out, a plasma-caster cobbled together from salvaged parts can explode, misfire, or not fire at all, but has a tremendously greater destructive potential. This is the way the Reclaimers prefer to see the world, as the potential to advance technological understanding, at whatever the cost.



Since the Exodus, the Reclaimers have expended much of their energy towards finding these vast troves of old technology. Numerous sites have been discovered that are basically landfills full of high tech junk, such as the Oklahoma Scraps, which is an old e-waste site that is hundreds of square miles.


 To the outside observer, Reclaimers may appear to be just a cult with a fanatical hunger for technology. However, within their secretive compounds exists a technologically advanced mass/mess of drives, servers, and data cables of all sorts and functions. This physical structure in many ways resembles the organization itself. Every piece has a specific purpose, and tasks to achieve. For the most part, the rest of the inhabitants of the wastes don’t understand the interest in educations and the Reclaimers dedication to science and technology.


 Reclaimers have made significant progress in the last two centuries in the realm of manufacturing. They have managed to establish factories where parts are often cast by hand or simple Mechanical process; pouring molten metal or plastic into molds to cast parts. Large groups then do assembly, each person doing one small task or group of tasks in the production process. Manufacturing equipment varies from hammers, to drills, to lasers. Reclaimers reverse engineer most of their products, which will often result in a larger version of the original. The technology to duplicate the original pieces in their original nanotech versions just doesn’t exist on post-collapse Earth.

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