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TOPIC: The Vale

The Vale 4 years 8 months ago #743

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Here's a bit on one of the factions known as the Vale, and a WiP image of the visual end of the character development.

The members of the death cult known as the Vale believe that humanity has run its course. Some of the cult believe they are the rightful heirs of the planet, others believe that all mankind needs to end (others first), while still others believe that they are the harbingers of death, sent to this earth by the gods in space, to finish the work started nearly 2 centuries ago, of ridding the planet of human life.

After the Exodus, and after the collapse of the 'Push, are times when death cults flourished like never before. Many of these cults saw death as the only option, and in many cases, for the starving and destitute, they may have had a point. However, very few lasted beyond a couple of years, for fairly obvious reasons.

However, one such cult has maintained a pervasive grip on the hearts and minds of those in the North American wastes... the Vale. They maintain a network that rivals that of the Reclaimers, and a ruthless quest for death that is unmatched, even among the most brutal charioteers and and warlords of the Western Wilds.

The years following the collapse were some of the most trying for the human race, and the the need to escape from the doldrums and misery are higher than ever before, which is how a group that rejects reality completely is so appealing to so many. The Vale is a tapestry cut from every cloth seen in Year Zero- the cult is comprised of disillusioned Stakers, heretic Reclaimers, banished No Ghosts, (overly) psychotic Stitchmen and every shade of wanderer and lost soul that are to be found.
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